Security of Appointment Conversation

As I wrote a few days ago, I am taking down the post on the security of appointments because the legislative action on secure appointments has been reported more completely on In addition, The Rev. Fitzgerald Reist has commented here about the conversation that was initiated by his note:


“The message was intended for the Council of Bishops as an alert to the information. It was a statement about the language that remained in The Book of Discipline 2012 and not a statement of law. Decisions of law are made by Bishops and ultimately by the Judicial Council, not by the secretary of the General Conference. I fully expect that the Judicial Council will decide on the degree to which security of appointment has changed.” 

As he writes here his note was intended as an alert for the Council of Bishops. However, when it was released via email it became a public document and the widespread interest in the topic resulted in the posting of the letter on Facebook within minutes of its release. This is to be expected in this horizontal communications environment.

Once released, a story gains its own momentum in this environment. This story illustrates that reality.

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