The Most Typical Face on the Planet? Nat Geo Knows.

The Most Typical Face on the Planet

If I were to ask you to imagine the most typical face on the planet, would you imagine a blonde, Caucasian, female, or maybe a Beach Boy surfer dude? Perhaps a Hispanic, African or Indian?

According to National Geographic it’s none of these. It’s a 28-year-old Han Chinese male. National Geographic says this demographic makes up 9 million of earth’s soon-to-be 7 billion people.

In its year-long series, The Face of Seven Billion, the magazine says Chinese make up 19% of the global population, Indians 17% and Americans 4%. (I can’t find a definition of “American” in the online content. It could mean North American, Central American and South American, or some combination of the three. The term is too ambiguous for a study such as this.)

That complaint aside, this series is quite remarkable. Check out the online videos. They offer provocative information in concise packages and raise lifestyle questions that all of us should be thinking about.

Most importantly, the series leads us to not only consider the present, but to imagine the future. And the young Han Chinese male should enjoy his time in the spotlight. National Geographic says by 2030 he will be replaced by an Indian.



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