Conversation sparks energy around life-and-death issue

Have you ever been in a conversation that gave your thoughts permission to soar? One that you knew was important and filled with meaning even as it continued?

I was in a conversation like this recently. We were talking about the creative treatment of the Imagine No Malaria campaign.

This campaign seeks to put an end to deaths caused by malaria. Every 45 seconds, the disease takes the life of someone in Africa–a child, mother or father. It’s been around perhaps as long as we’ve walked upright.

The conversation brought us to discuss new ways of bringing the message to those of us in the U.S. and Europe where malaria isn’t a problem.

The challenge is how to convey the seriousness of its effects.

The conversation was focused and everyone engaged. There were no side comments or cynical diversions that undercut the concern, as often occurs in meetings.

It became a conversation about life and death and how to communicate about it. Strange as it sounds, it was not heavy and ponderous. In fact, it was uplifting, creative and soaring.

It was a conversation about life and how to contribute to and engage with others in a mission to make life better—not in a way that is self-gratifying, but by comprehending how we are all interconnected and responsible for each other.

Conversations like this make my day.

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