Readers Prefer Kindle or iPad, Even if Slower

It sounds strange at first. Reading on a Kindle or iPad slows you down. Reading a physical book is faster. The Nielsen company comes to this conclusion following a survey of twenty four frequent readers.

Using short stories by Hemingway, book readers completed their reading in what Nielsen said is statistically significant faster times. Kindles proved slowest.

Everyone disliked reading on a laptop. Since laptops are work tools, they’re not the reader of choice for relaxing or entertaining reading. Too similar to work, apparently.

However, even if books are faster reads, people prefer e-readers. As screens improve this will likely add momentum to a switch in favor of digital readers. It’s not hard to project that the reading experience will change even more radically with hyperlinks, videos, photos and audio inserts to supplement text. The latest Kindle app allows you to turn on a shared highlight function. You can share with other Kindle readers sections of books you mark as noteworthy, making reading a shared experience in a limited way.

This integration of digital multiple media is changing not only how fast we read, but how we read and, no doubt, we’re in for much more change. How are digital readers changing our (or your) reading and learning?

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