Halting Malawi’s Nursing Brain Drain

I was pleased to get an email from Christine Gorman telling of the posting of her story on nurses in Malawi and pointing to a video she produced. Christine is a Nieman Fellow in Global Health at Harvard. She also writes for TIME and is an adjunct professor in journalism at NYU.

Malawi is attempting to address the “brain drain” in medical personnel–the outflow of qualified doctors and nurses to higher paying countries. One solution is to “top off” existing salaries with additional funds from outside donors to encourage workers to stay in-country. Christine reports that Malawi’s experiment is working, but it has its own pitfalls.

She profiles two nurses and their supervisor at a mission hospital in Malawi. The multimedia package demonstrates not only reports on the effort to reverse the brain drain, it takes us to Embangweni Mission Hospital in northern Malawi.

Christine also demonstrates how journalists are adapting to the use of digital media to complement and enhance traditional writing and print skills. The media package is below:

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