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Christine Gorman who writes the Global Health Report blog proposed last week to a dozen health bloggers that they write on prevention vs. treatment and nine bloggers took up her challenge. The variety of posts and the wide range of subjects and expertise are interesting. Christine offerred these links which I repeat here:

Healthtwine: Prevention vs. Treatment
On why “we tend to value current health more than future health.”

Superbug: Prevention v. treatment (1st Global Health Blog Carnival!)
On the need for a vaccine against methicillin resistant staph aureus.

Perspectives: Prevention vs. Treatment
On why prevention vs. treatment is the wrong way to think about drug resistance to malaria.

Karen Grepin’s Blog: Prevention vs. Treament in HIV: Have we given prevention a chance to shine?
Proving prevention works is a lot harder than you might think. Maybe that is another reason why there are so few studies on the effectiveness of prevention.

The Pump Handle: For Whom Prevention Pays
On one of the bigger, overlooked stories of public health in the U.S.–the faltering anti-tobacco struggle, another victim of the economic crisis.

HIV Information for Myanmar: Two Quotes from Bogyoke
A few words on the greater good from the late Bogyoke (General) Aung San, who led the fight for Burmese independence after World War II.

Health Reform Watch: Health Care, “Common Sense” and a Global Health Blogging Experiment
A bit off-topic and somewhat rambling (the French revolution?), but a look at whether concerns over health reform in the U.S. will crowd out discussion of global health.

Global Health at Prevention vs. Treatment–an Eternal Debate?
On why good decisions in public health “are about balance, and looking for long-term systemic solutions instead of the quick fix.”

And from a public relations perspective:

Ruder Finn’s DotOrg (U.K.): The Lazarus Effect
Lucy asks “Are there are any differences between ’selling-in’ stories that have a prevention angle over those that emphasise treatment.”

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