CDC Social Media Sites

An email from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) promoting their new social media sites just arrived.The note also advises that CDC and HHS, FDA (Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration) are cooperating to provide information.

I like the idea of the CDC taking the initiative to push out information, and doing so by concentrating on the salmonella outbreak in some peanut butter products.

I went to the site and it looks like it covers the bases for consumers as well as health communicators. In addition to pointing to several websites it includes RSS feeds, Twitter, MySpace and a link to enroll for email updates.

Because users are more likely to search for information through Google than to go to a website, the communications strategy is more functional and, therefore, more likely to be a practical tool to people concerned about the recall.

It’s a good step forward and I hope beyond this recall it establishes a proactive strategy to distribute health information when other concerns arise, and beyond that, as a part of the on-going, non-emergency work of these agencies.

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