Global News Coverage in Decline

According to research by the Project for Excellence in Journalism at the Pew Center coverage of global news in U.S. print media is declining and now makes up 10.7% of coverage.

Editors say they are reducing both staff and resources for coverage of news outside the United States. The report says staff cutbacks and movement to the Internet will result in smaller newsrooms in the future.

For all the talk about globalization, this trend belies the claim we’re becoming more globally connected. At least, our awareness of our global connections aren’t reflected in the trend.

The Pew report also provides a roadmap for the future, if you base it on how news is presented right now. It points toward coverage of U.S. foreign policy, corporate interests and conflict. Nothing new here.

If we continue down this path, the future will look like the present, only skinnier. Much of the same kind of coverage we’re accustomed to now.

According to the Pew research, foreign coverage for the first six months of this year was dominated by China, Iraq, Myanmar, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Israel, Palestine and Afghanistan.

What that means is we can expect coverage of the world’s hot spots, emphasis on global corporate interests and the continent of Africa presented as a cauldron of corruption, violence and hunger.

Faced with this reality, alternative sources for global news are becoming even more critically needed for those who want a more comprehensive and nuanced reporting of the world we live in.

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