Websites to Make You Think

Four websites I’ve been following that make me think:

TED: Ideas Worth Spreading is a remarkable collection of thought-provoking ideas by innovative thinkers and doers in a wide range of skills, some highly specialized, some with unique new thoughts on common subjects. I found Hans Rosling’s thoughts on poverty fascinating.

Big Think: We are what you think offers a variety of experts who provide video talks on a number of subjects providing new insight, new framing or innovative applications that breaks out of old ways of thinking about things. I found the rap by Mark Kramer at Adventures in Philanthropy about General Electric establishing health clinics in Ghana a very interesting take on limited profit corporations and social benefits.

The Washington Post’s Voices on Personal Technology offers the insights of entertainers, activists, politicians and others into the use of new technology and how various technological products or services are changing how we live our lives, and how they are changing our social and civic institutions.

Al’s Morning Meeting blog at Poynter Online also offers a list of a dozen sites Al follows, many of which use media in creative ways including interactive journalism.

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