Jim Wallis Takes On James Dobson

Thanks to Jim Wallis of Sojourner’s for taking on the disingenuous attack of Barack Obama by James Dobson. Dobson’s claim that he is not a theologian was accurate. Absent solid theological grounding he is reduced to a right-wing political operative pushing his agenda under cover of religious rhetoric.

My concern for a long time has been the implication that Dobson is accurately reflecting biblical values and shaping attitudes toward the wider Christian community because he’s widely quoted in mainstream media. But his positions reflect a narrow segment of the religious community and his statements on public policy are not well grounded in biblical theology. Biblical teachings are far more nuanced, discrete and comprehensive than the simplistic formulas I’ve heard Dobson espouse.

Calling Dobson’s attack on a speech Obama made two years ago a distortion, Wallis writes in Sojo mail, “I have decided to respond to Dobson’s attacks. In most every case they are themselves clear distortions of what Obama said in that speech.”

Wallis also commented on an evangelical television network.

In the meantime, I would sure like to see some articulate mainline theology provide framing of crucial issues we face today globally. This fascination with evangelical filtering of faith is beginning to be tiresome.

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  1. Roy June 27, 2008 at 9:50 am #

    However you might want to check out Wallis in his own hypocrisy. He attacks Dobson and yet he has used the same language himself before.


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