Detecting Image Manipulation

I’ve commented a couple of times about image manipulation and today I happened upon the website of Dr. Hany Farid, a professor at Dartmouth, through the StumbleUpon web browsing social network. It presents examples of image manipulation, some of which pre-date by many years digital photo manipulation that’s possible today.

Dr. Farid and his associates have developed methods for detecting photo manipulation, according to the website. The site offers several interesting examples including the bombed out remains of Beirut after an Israeli airstrike in 2006 that got widespread coverage when it was discovered to be manipulated, rather poorly, at that. Others are less familiar.

The images cover the range from the usual celebrity touch-up to less well-known alterations of historical personages, news and misleading political advertisements among others. It’s a fascinating, and also a bit sobering, look at photo manipulation.

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  1. ab December 27, 2011 at 5:44 am #

    I Did contact Mr.Farid regarding an old manipulated picture.
    I was in the understanding that he was an expert, that he could
    see wich part they changed.But it seems i was wrong about that.
    In 2008 i discoverd who the person was on an old picture of an
    unknow’n men. This picture was found in the wallet of a girl that disappeared 27 years ago without a trace.This girl i knew very
    wel,i was born and raised in the same town she disappeard from.
    I found out this picture was totaly manipulated, they did change
    the personality of this person completely, atleast they tryed.
    I am how ever an artist,i cannot legaly prove this.

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