The New York Times: Making Charity Cool

OK. So last week I sniped at the mainstream media for neglecting to cover positive things happening in mainline denominations. Got up this morning to a front page article in the New York Times about Nothing But Nets, a campaign to distribute bednets to prevent malaria. The people of The United Methodist Church have taken it on and made it into a movement unlike any I’ve seen in the church in recent years.

The educational value of this campaign is enormous and it’s reaching children, youth and young adults in addition to Boomers and other adults. I see the potential to connect this awareness-building campaign to a host of inter-related issues that continue to plague humanity: global warming, poverty, and health access, to name only three. Could this energy create a movement? Hmmm.

So, this morning I’m happy to eat crow,  it’s kind of tastey.

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