Youth Voices: Adobe

Growing up in the digital age is completely different from growing up in an analog world. But for all the talk of interactivity and participation, kids who grow up in families without adequate resources, no understanding of the value of education and no access to the tools are left out. They probably believe no would care enough to listen to them anyway. It’s a pretty stark existence.

When I received an email from Adobe about its new internet video offerings, I scanned through some of the library and came upon Adobe Youth Voices. It’s addressing this human concern and it’s worth a look.

Adobe is providing the opportunity to some youth to be creators of digital content, and more importantly, the ability to tell their own storie with digital tools. Being empowered to tell your own story, and to tell stories of others, is life-changing. I’ve seen this happen time and again when people who feel their voices are unheard discover how to project themselves.

It opens the doorway to education, personal growth, social responsibility and meaningful participation in society.

Thanks Adobe.

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  1. live_life May 5, 2008 at 11:14 am #

    Very good idea! It is important fo todays youth!

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