Whack TB

Among the diseases of poverty it seems to me TB gets the least attention. I don’t know if I’m accurate in this assessment, but it seems to me it’s not as widely covered as HIV/AIDS or malaria.

But one person is infected every second and drug resistance is growing. A more resistant strain of TB has caused concern among physicians globally. A few yeas ago I spoke with a doctor in New York who advised me to keep my chronically ill son away from crowds, such as during rush hours on the subway, because a resistant strain was circulating in Manhattan.

TB is a pernicious diseases because it starts a a low grade infection and develops over time. According to Families USA “TB is moving around the world—on planes, trains, buses—and in the air we breathe. There are almost 9 million new cases of TB each year; about 500,000 of these cases are resistant to the best TB drugs available to fight them.”

Unlike many diseases of poverty TB isn’t geographically contained. It can happen anywhere. It is airborne and moves from person to person.

March 24 was World TB Day and FamiliesUSA created the Whack TB game that provides information and links to information and action. Play the game and learn more about how to fight this disease.

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