One Laptop Per Child

olpc.jpgSomething interesting happens when people see the new laptop we just got from One Laptop Per Child. They want to play with it! The design invites them to pick it up and explore. Before they know it, they are engaged with the attractive little laptop. It’s inviting.

We took advantage of the promotion OLPC had before Christmas in which they encouraged donors to buy a laptop to be given to a child somewhere and the donor could also buy one for himself. So we did. And it arrived this week.

olpc2.jpgWhen my associate took it out of the box I immediately started to play with it. It is compact, well-built, colorful, unique. It immediately identified our wireless network and in a few moments I was surfing the web.

I took it home and showed it to my wife who played with it for several minutes–much longer than I did I might add–and pronounced the kids at her school would love it.

I took it back to the office and left it in a common area and also showed it around. One of our senior staff people sat down at a table and found features that I hadn’t yet discovered.

I went to a meeting and upon returning noticed that the little green and white package was gone from the table. I asked about it and learned our IT director had come and taken it to his desk. I laughed and went to see him, just to get his opinion.

I found him and our web director hunched over it. He smiled and said he had to get one for his daughter. He had discovered the webcam, which I had not yet found. He pronounced it a feature-packed, cute laptop.

Granted, we’re a technology-oriented company, so we would be interested in this small wonder. But I think the machine itself is unique enough in design and features to make it a magnet to anyone with the slightest interest in new technology.

Around our shop, at least, one laptop per child is a hit. As I left his desk I met my assistant who was carrying to him an order form and a promotional brochure.

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