Catching my Breath

I‘m traveling and have not caught my breath which is why posts have been few and far between the past ten days. Last week I was in New York to attend severl meetings, capped by a meeting of the World Business Forum. I intend to write about that soon because it was an energizing meeting. Some big name business and civic leaders shared their management styles and vision for global business that was extremely interesting to me.

This week I’m in Seattle to attend a malaria forum sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Experts from around the world are attending and presenting information on the effort to reduce the incidence and impact of this disease.

I hope to post from here as time allows. What is most important about both of these meetings, in my opinion, is that individuals and leaders are taking a long look at how to create positive changes that can affect billions of people around the globe and we’re all doing this from our unique perspectives, yet those perspectives overlap and intersect in remarkable ways.

There is hope in this even as we face crushing diseases, the horrors of war and the environmental degradation that so wounds the Earth. I hang onto the hope. It’s hope that gives us strength and energy, and that will lead us out of darkness. So, I’ll write about this as time allows this week and will share my views about why hope is the foundation for our common future.

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