American Cancer Society and the Uninsured

Recently a letter writer told me I was both a bad citizen and a poor Christian because I had said we need to “fix the health care system in the United States.”

I thought it was obvious things aren’t working so well with the uninsured growing by two million a year. Now I read the American Cancer Society is devoting its advertising budget to call attention to the uninsured and the need to fix the system. So, perhaps I’m in better company than I thought.

More importantly, the cancer society says chronic disease can’t be reduced so long as so many are not receiving necessary care. It’s a new tack for the society, and one that I applaud.

The ads are reportedly not partisan but they lay out a case that’s necessary for policy-makers to hear, and to act on–fix the system. Building support for a grassroots movement to improve health care delivery is necessary and the voice of the cancer society can be a very helpful encouragement.

The society deserves our thanks and our support for doing the right thing.

3 Responses to “American Cancer Society and the Uninsured”

  1. D. Lynn August 31, 2007 at 9:49 am #

    Larry, I do not consider you a poor anything, but a good writer, even though I disagree with your approach. I read you to keep me in contact with other views. Not wrong, mind you, only other.

    So, you really want the government doing our job? The UMC has in its coffers enough money to insure every uninsured member. Why doesn’t she? Why is every annual conference enveloped in health care when the general boards have all kinds of cash? You will remind me that it is “dedicated.” With a good lawyer, it can be re-dedicated for health care.

    O.K. I am being extreme. But why whine for the governement? Aren’t we as a church called to help the poor? We can do something, but all we seem to do is lobby. May I submit that that is the easy way out? Let someone else fix the problem, rather than let the church be the church.

  2. Jim Searls September 4, 2007 at 6:48 pm #

    It doesn’t make a difference who pays for the current helath care system, companies, churches or individuals. The system is still at the mercy of folks doing their best to make as much money as possible with little or no regard to how that effects others. The system is broken because this desire to max out profits leave too many without. If it takes a government to make that attitude change then I am for it.

  3. D. Lynn September 10, 2007 at 2:52 pm #

    Jim, your point is well taken, but by switching to government control we are only changing greed for money for greed for power. Do you really want the folks who brought you the Katrina recovery team taking care of your heart? Speaking of heart, the heart of the matter seems to be sin.


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