U.S. Students Graduate Cuban Medical School

The Guardian reports on U.S. students graduating from the Latin American School of Medicine.

The Guardian reports this morning on the graduation of eight U.S. medical students from the Latin America School of Medicine, a creation of Fidel Castro on the outskirts of Havana. The Cuban medical system is one of the most advanced in Central America in many ways. However, it operates with equipment that in many places is far from state of the art. Despite its time-worn physical plant and technology, patients from around Latin America, and some from far distant nations, come for treatment and get good care. The graduating U.S. students may face challenges gaining licenses to practice in the U.S. but the commitment they express in the article to serving the poor illustrates the emphasis of the Cuban system on humanitarian service. It will be interesting to follow these students and see how they progress in the U.S.

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