Christians-Muslims: What Keeps Them Going is Faith

Christians and Muslims were told by Mr. Farooq
Murad, Chairman of Muslim Aid, that they share much in common.

“What keeps us going?” Farooq Murad, Chairperson of Muslim Aid, asked a group of United Methodist Christians and Muslims at a meeting in London today.

“Our faith,” he answered.

The group, representing the United Methodist Committee on Relief and Muslim Aid, is meeting to sign an agreement to cooperate on emergency relief and long-term development to combat poverty. They have already successfully worked together to provide emergency assistance and long-term reconstruction to those affected by the tsunami in Sri Lanka. They intend to build upon their experience to create a global alliance.

Mr. Murad told the group, “We share a common faith tradition that includes Abraham, Jesus, Moses; each taught us that caring and serving humanity are central. We risk having lost this central value today but it is what living faith is all about.

Unfortunately, our world isn’t getting much better. Conflict and poverty are increasing. There is no reason a child should go to bed hungry or without shelter. We are working together to serve and care. I hope all who would see this-staff, leaders, trustees-see it as affirmation of our faith, not as compromise.

I am sure we will face difficult issues but I hope we can address them. Our faith traditions stand for truth, justice and caring for humanity. In the next life the great prophet will say, “I was hungry and you did not feed me. I was ill and you did not heal me. If you had gone [with the hungry and the ill] you would have found me there.” These are the questions we will be asked.

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