Christian-Muslim Pact

Muslim Aid and United Methodist Committee on
Relief announce partnership agreement.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) and Muslim Aid will announce an agreement on Tuesday in London to partner in relief and development. The agreement recognizes work on the ground that is already benefitting tsunami-affected people in Sri Lanka.

UMCOR is the arm of The United Methodist Church that provides humanitarian service for relief, rehabilitation, long-term development and refugee services. The two organizations have similar mandates and serve people regardless of their faith.

The agreement will be announced in the House of Parliament between officials of the two organizations and the British government. I will be part of the delegation from The United Methodist Church and intend to blog from London if time permits.

I’ll be interested in U.S. media coverage of this agreement, if any. It represents an historic step toward Christian-Musim cooperation around humanitarian service that stands in sharp contrast to the divisive remarks of some evangelical Christian and fundamentalist Muslim leaders. It will be revealing to learn if U.S. news media regard an agreement to cooperate newsworthy.

The agreement is covered in the News section of the denominational website,

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