Religious Bloggers in the Philippines

Religious bloggers in the Philippines are
debating the role of religion in upcoming elections.

I’ve commented on the difficulties faced by religious people in the Philippines. Those who work with the poor are being targetted and killed under circumstances that are suspicious. So many have been killed that the conclusion is drawn by many responsible observers that the government is complicit if not directly involved.

I’ve gotten comments from both sides in this blog. One respondent wrote me to say he was writing anonymously because he feared for his life from certain religious groups! That turned the situation on its head.

My experience has not been that Christians are killing pro-government citizens in the Philippines. In fact, this seems so implausible that it looks like a charge designed to deflect attention from the current realities.

Global Voices Online carries several religious bloggers commenting on Philippine elections. As you will see, they take vastly different positions. What seems interesting–if a deadly situation such as this can be called interesting–is the willingness of some conservative, evangelicals in the Philippine religious context to identify with the established order. These are, in some instances, people who would be at risk if they raised their voices in opposition because they are economically marginal themselves. But they don’t appear to be coerced. Their political views seem genuine. That’s what makes their political values interesting.

I don’t know what drives these values. However, I find the variety of views from Global Voices fascinating. And I continue to think we must stand with our brothers and sisters in the Philippines who are in the thick of this dangerous ministry, and seek changes in how governments relate to the current administration in the Philippines.

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