Mozambique Faces Floods and Storms

A letter from Bishop Joao Machado reports damage
to villages, churches and other buildings in northern

Mozambique has faced floods in the past several days and some regions have also contended with damaging wind. Bishop Joao Machado, resident bishop of The United Methodist in the Mozambique Episcopal Area, sent an email that arrived this morning. I have reprinted it in full below.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

Strong winds on 160 km per hour and heavy rains had hit once more three provinces on Mozambique again, before recovering from floods affecting almost all the northern part of Mozambique. In Inhambane province, Vilanculos District was the most affected. The township of Vilanculos suffered a lot. Many houses including the District Superintendent, pastor’s house, church members and neighboring houses are destroyed. Most corrugated zinc flown with the winds and their belongings become wet and spoiled by the rains. Many families are at the moment living in the UMC chapel.The electricity is cut off. Media says that many schools, shops and other economic infra-structures are partial destroyed. The township is pathless due the cut off of trees and electricity poles that have blocked the streets. 1 person killed and 20 injured.

In Sofala province, streets are blocked, but fortunately up to now we have not yet heard any lost of human beings, but many local material houses have despaired. The same happened in Manica province where there is no electricity in some areas. Many houses destroyed, streets and paths blocked.

We would like to ask your strong and continuing prayers for Mozambique. We have been suffering natural calamities since last January. Many parts of the Northern of Mozambique still under water due the Zambezi floods. While we are still fighting to help those who have lost their possession in those areas, other devastation calamity have just hit us again. We do not know what do now. We just think that God is testing our stillness. But we are aware that is God who had created everything including our country. We are going to persevere on Him and Stand Still. We are sure that with your prayers and assistance, we will overcome all these troubles.

We strongly request your prayers. May the Lord continue to bless you all.

Mozambique Episcopal Office.

The Reuters report on the storms is here. distributed a release from the UN World Food Programme.

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