Floods in Mozambique

Floods are displacing thousands in

Floods have once again displaced thousands in Mozambique. Unlike flooding that killed hundreds in 2001, however, an early warning system has given people a fighting chance this time, according a report by the BBC.

I recall when Bishop Joao Machado, episcopal leader of the Mozambique Area of The United Methodist Church, held up a hand-crank radio at the TIME Summit on Global Health and said, “This (radio) can save lives.”

He was referring to the use of radio to provide warning to people in the central plains of Mozambique when the floodwaters came. Lack of radios meant that many people did not know the waters were approaching and they were caught in the rampaging waters and died. He has advocated for community radio stations located around the country to provide information.

Floods this season killed 30 people and displaced up to a quarter million according to news reports. The rescue operation has transitioned into relief. The UN World Food Program has begun helicopter food flights.

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