Did You Know

Did You Know is a provocative and fascinating
look at the results of technology today and projections about how it may affect
us in the future. It’s a good example of “less is more.” Important points are
made with concise, well written text.

Technology and a burgeoning knowledge base are affecting us in profound and fascinating ways. A production by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod is tightly written, demonstrating that less is more. I don’t know how accurate the information is but it will make you think. In fact, it’s the sort of information that should be the basis for a lot of serious theological reflection.

Mac users can’t play the Windows Media version but several other formats are linked on McLeod’s blog, Dangerously Irrelevant.

In addition there is a powerpoint version with accompanying sound.

Another presentation takes a humorous look at the introduction of new technology. It can be viewed here. Every new technology brings its own problems, and requires a new set of skills. The coming of the book following the acceptance of the scroll required adaptation of a different sort. It’s a fun look at this new-fangled technology–the book.

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