Tony Campolo on Homosexuality

Well-known evangelical speaker, teacher and
clergyperson, Tony Campolo, provides an insightful and cogent comment about
homosexuality in the Sojourners Blog. It’s worth a read.

beyond the
with sexual
–Tony Campolo

In a well-written and cogent commentary on the fixation of evangelicals with homesexuality, Tony Campolo, calls on young people to embrace a Christianity that “deals with a broad spectrum of social concerns that are relevant to living out love and justice in the 21st century….any other kind of Christianity will prove irrelevant” to young evangelicals.

Campolo’s advice should be heard by many, especially the over-50’s crowd, as he calls them, who seem fixated on homosexuality. As Anglican episcopal leaders meet in Tanzania and face debate on the issue that threatens to split the church, Campolo’s advice to evangelical youth seems especially relevant.

I spoke to someone recently who put it only slightly differently. “Homosexuality is a generational issue,” he said. “in ten years, it won’t make the difference it makes today.”

Campolo’s remarks are on the God’s Politics blog.

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