Each day brings abundant hope. Here are examples
from Uganda, Liberia and Angola.

Each day brings an abundance of reason to hope. I believe hope is different from optimism because hope is rooted in reality and it results in action. I want to share three examples of hope.

This morning four young adults visited our offices at United Methodist Communications to present a video about the children of northern Uganda who have been at risk for almost two decades. The Lord’s Resistance Army, a militia that is anything but related to the Lord of Christian faith, has been abducting children and forcing boys into child soldiering and girls in sexual servitude. Three teenagers from California have produced a video and developed an organization to call attention to the children of this region, focusing on children who resist abduction and seek safety by sleeping enmass at bus terminals and other places.

The video documents their stories in a compelling, moving account. Today the Invisible Children team left us without a dry eye but extraordinarily hopeful that this horrible reality can be changed. I recommend checking out their website, buying a video and inviting them speak to your local church youth group. And then taking action.

Kathy Gilbert is a writer for United Methodist Communications who covers HIV/AIDS and stories related to the church beyond the United States among many other assignments. Kathy was in Liberia when Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. She tells a story about how Liberian children responded to her, a native of Louisiana, when they heard the news of the hurricane’s destruction. Listen to her story and you will be warmed and filled with hope.

The post by Elizabeth Mckee from a hospital in Angola in which she saw the face of malaria for the first time is a moving account, simply written. She closes by thanking people in Portuguese for their contributions to provide bed nets to places such as this.

Each day brings an abundance of hope.

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