Zimbabwe Coverage

These links cover the visit of the General
Commission on Communications of The United Methodist Church to Zimbabwe. The
Commission met for the first time outside the continental United States and
participated in instructional classses and feeding programs for children made
orphans by HIV/AIDS.

This is a collection of stories covering the first-ever meeting of The General Commission on Communications of The United Methodist Church outside the United States. The Commission is the board of directors for the agency responsible for communicating on behalf of the global United Methodist Church.

The meeting began in Harare, hearing from veteran Zimbabwean journalist Ezekiel Makunike and discussing four proposals by the General Secretaries of the church to support congregational development, new church starts, leadership development, addressing poverty and conducting a global health initiative.

The Commission has authorized and supported a churchwide initiative to provide communications equipment and training for communicators in Africa, Europe and the Philippines. The Commissioners got hands-on experience interacting with Zimbabwean communicators.

Visiting the Old Mutare Mission, a Methodist mission begun in the 1800’s when Zimbabwe was colonized and known as Rhodesia, the Commissioners met the supervising physician at the mission hospital that serves twenty-five thousand people in the region. The Mission includes a boarding school and a children’s home caring for approximately fifty children orphaned by AIDS. Upon learning the Mission did not have sufficient bed nets to protect patients and children from mosquitos, they pledged to purchase nets for the hospital, children’s home and a residential school for deaf children in the city of Mutare.

The Commissioners hauled fifty-pound bags of grain to six schools in the Marange region. The grain is boiled and served to children for as porridge for lunch. The experience revealed the labor of a typical rural African woman every day.

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