Malaria Summit

The White House Malaria Summit concluded this
afternoon with the report that the U.S. $1.2 billion anti-malaria program will
include eight more African nations.

President Bush announced that eight more African nations will be included in the $1.2 billion U.S. anti-malaria program. This brings the total to 23 nations.

This followed an announcement by the World Bank yesterday that it is pledging $180 million to fight the disease. The funds will be used for insecticide and bed nets to prevent the spread of the disease. BBC coverage of the Summit can be found here.

I’m told that the Nothing But Nets initiative that includes Sports Illustrated, The People of The United Methodist Church, NBA Cares and the United Nations Foundation was noted by two speakers. Kathleen Behrens of NBA Cares spoke of the partnership that has been formed by these founding organizations. In addition, Melinda Gates referred to Nothing But Nets in her remarks.

General Secretary Randy Day of the United Methodist Church’s Board of Global Ministry attended the summit.

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