Somalia Ignored

Somalia, long ignored by the international
community, can no longer be ignored according Stanley A. Weiss in the
International Herald Tribune.

Somalia has been ignored or treated as if it were of little strategic consequence. But that attitude cannot continue. If the suffering of the people of Somalia isn’t enough to justify international attention, the strategic location of Somalia should.

Stanley A. Weiss, founder and chairman of Business Executives for National Security writes in the International Herald Tribune :

“This time, there’s no ignoring Somalia. As a delegation of American executives learned on a recent visit to four of its neighbors, Somalia is more than a fight between rival clan-based militias. It’s now a proxy war for foreign powers waging old border and religious disputes that could quickly engulf the entire region.”

Ethiopia and Somalia are trading threats about border incursions. Eritrea and Ethiopia have fought openly and remain poised to resume open warfare. Chad is threatened by the janjaweed of Sudan. And Sudan continues to allow genocide against southern
Sudanese in Darfur.

It’s important to keep pressure on the U.S. and the U.N. to press Sudan to accept UN peacekeeping and control the janjaweed. Efforts by groups in the U.S. and Europe are even more urgent.

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