Fighting Poor Planning and Malaria

Poor planning is hurting the
fight against malaria.

Poor planning, lack of infrastructure and general disorganization are hampering efforts to fight malaria according to an article by Celia W. Dugger in today’s New York Times.
This quote summarizes the most salient point however: It is no secret that mosquitoes carry the parasite that causes malaria. More mystifying is why 800,000 young African children still die of malaria per year– more than from any other disease — when there are medicines that cure for 55 cents a dose, mosquito nets that shield a child for $1 a year and indoor insecticide spraying that costs about $10 annually for a household.

The article makes the case for a more effective delivery of health services. It also lays out the need for better planning to get medicines, nets and pesticides to the people who can make use of them.

None of the problems are insurmountable. The death toll makes it urgent, however, that the problems get resolved and more effective delivery of services begins immediately.

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