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I’m always impressed at the
global reach of

Internet but I take it for granted. That’s not a good thing to do, and

grateful when I am
reminded of the power of


I received a request from The Viewpoint Blog to link to Perspectives. The Viewpoint is a blog source for voices from around the world. It aggregates blogs that are written by professional journalists like Keven Sites in the Hot Zone, who has a unique relationship with Yahoo writing about world hot spots, to aspiring writers like Afghan Lord, a young Afgahni who gives us a look at Afghanistan from the ground up.

I found the links interesting, maddening and fascinating. Global Voices Online is a collection of bloggers, literally located all over the world. In another link, blogger Enrico Piovesana interviewed mullah Yunus Saheb of the Taliban leadership. The interview doesn’t shed new light on the Taliban and the mullah is outrageous and maddening, but the interview provides a glimpse into the mindset of this group of fundamentalists. It’s jarring.

The site provides an interesting mix. Some of the views presented here, like the mullah’s, I find repugnant. Others, are interesting and insightful. Readers of Perspective know that I seek a global perspective, and in such a sweeping arena, one is likely to find voices that grate, as well as those that soothe. You’ll probably find a bit of both and more at The Viewpoint Blog.

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