Peace With Justice

The coming Peace With Justice Sunday is
emphasized in a moving video, “Forgive the World.”

For thousands of children pressed unwillingly into militias, war is not something played in a video game, it’s the real thing. This is a tragedy of modern times. Those who aren’t killed are left traumatized, frequently unable to return to families or home villages.

Fortunately, there are those attempting to address the conditions that lead to the exploitation of impoverished children and their families. On Sunday, June 11, United Methodists will observe Peace With Justice Sunday. On this day the church recognizes the work of its General Board of Church and Society to bring peace and justice to places where neither come easily.

A moving video captures the hope that is embedded in Peace With Justice Sunday. It can be seen at the church’s website on Peace With Justice. I hope readers of this blog will view it and pass it along to others. It’s not a promotional video, it’s a very moving prayer.

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