Child Health, Strong Mothers and Poverty

Child health is directly related to poverty
and the powerlessness of women. Christine Gorman writes a synopsis in the
Global Health Blog of the UNICEF report,
href=””>Progress for
Children: A Report Card on Nutrition.

The problem is
not so much
food shortages,
as a lack
of safe, nutritious
food and,
the authors
note, the
of women.
–Christine Gorman,
TIME Global Health

Powerlessness among women and malnutrition among children go hand-in-hand, according to a UNICEF Report, Progress for Children: A Report on Nutrition. Christine Gorman provides a synopsis in the TIME Global Health Blog.

Once again, the link between poverty, powerlessness and health is made. The report notes that women who are empowered through education and financial resources make sure their children have healthy food and are cared for well. But the struggle to survive compromises quality of life for those who are not blessed with the power of self-determination and financial ability.

This is as much a moral problem as it is a public policy or public health issue. The connection between health and policy continues to be demonstrated in so many ways. If people of goodwill desire to create change, we will need to change policies as well as individual lives. Justice demands both. Healthy children are reared by strong women who have rights, jobs and self-determination.

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