New Life A’borning

Spring is the witness to and the conveyance
of new life.

In Spring the juices of the earth flow to bring new life as if the Creation itself is being born anew. William Sloan Coffin, Jr. spoke these words, or a close proximity of them, in many sermons on life at Riverside Church. He was always able to see new creation happening. On this Easter Sunday morning it is even clearer and more hopeful because, hearing the story of the crucifixion of Jesus, we’ve been through the remembrance of Life being extinguished.

To know that renewal is built into the very structure of creation is to know that we can hope and it is not in vain, hope is as real as the budding flower that is emerging from the rich fertile soil nurtured by the juices of the earth. It is Life emerging before our eyes.

To see this unfolding and to smell the rich fertility of the greening earth is to know that resurrection occurs. It is built into the structure of the universe.

For me as a follower of Jesus it is enough to see this and know that new life is a’borning. It is, as we will celebrate today, the story of resurrection. It is the story of Hope.

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