The Morality of Gen Y

Following my post on a conversation with a
member of Gen X, this review of a Harvard study of college-age young adults–Gen
Y–offers yet another view of the morality of young people today. They are
concerned about justice, not the tired rhetoric of the past.

the religious
center will
do well in
the 2008
general election
John Della Volpe,

Young adults in college are concerned about justice in politics and religion. More so than some of their predecessor generations, according to a recent survey by Harvard reported in the Christian Science Monitor.

I’ve noted that the young folks I talk with are more informed and concerned about the morality of major issues than previous generations. This is an encouraging sign. They question. They assert themselves. They have opinions.

What’s more, they’re not walking in lock-step with any particular group, name-brand denomination, political party, nor the religious right. They have their own mind and they seem to be quite able to articulate their own concerns, thank you.

An interesting development as these young people come to voting age, enter the work force and assume leadership will be to see how they influence the center. They’re not, for the most part, on the extremes and don’t subscribe to extremist positions.

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