RX for Survival–The Heroes

PBS is broadcasting a two-hour documentary
on health advocates doing quality grassroots work around the world. It’s an
inspiring, hopeful story of people making a real difference, sometimes with
little more than ingenuity and spunk.

Sometimes people with little more than spunk and ingenuity can do remarkable things that make a huge difference. That’s my impression of the “health heroes” featured on RX for Survival–The Heroes that will air tonight on PBS.

I recommend it. An earlier, shorter version was broadcast during the week of the TIME Summit on Global Health. This is, apparently, an expanded production.

What impresses me about these health advocates is how they pull together the various skills, energy and local people to accomplish some pretty remarkable tasks. They demonstrate that we need not be paralyzed by lack of resources, muddle-headed policies or other impediments. Creative, committed people can make a difference.

It’s good storytelling and great stories.

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