Preventing Trachoma

Trachoma is preventable but it continues to
cause blindness in the developing world. Writing in the New York Times, Celia
Dugger describes how it can be prevented for less than ten dollars and
rudimentary surgery. President Jimmy Carter in an accompanying video talks
about the Carter Center’s efforts to extend prevention.

Trachoma is a preventable disease. A rudimentary surgical procedure that can be done by trained health workers and a small investment in medications costing less than ten dollars can prevent blindness resulting from this condition.

Writing in the New York Times, Celia Dugger provides a description of efforts to end this easily preventable scourge. President Jimmy Carter is interviewed in a video stream explaining how the Carter Center has provided community support for better health practices to prevent the disease. It’s an example of relatively small inputs making a world of difference in quality of life.

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