Health Care for Most, If not All, In Massachuesetts

I note with interest that an interfaith
coalition is featured celebrating the passage of legislation that offers health
care for most Massahuesetts citizens, if not all.

Massachusetts has passed health care legislation that provides for a sliding scale payment schedule that will allow coverage even for many who can’t afford health care. It’s not perfect, no doubt, but it’s a creative start and the front page story in the New York Times included a photo of an interfaith group celebrating passage in the capitol rotunda.

Perhaps, like politics, all health care advocacy is local. That’s not a unique thought. Gary Gunderson has been making the point for a number of years. It’s important that the faith community has been a significant in advocating for health care in Massachusetts. There are models that we all need to learn from and emulate, and Massachusetts may be the most important one yet.

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