The Corner of Atchafalaya and Tchoupitoulas

The story is told of a dead horse at the
intersection of Atchafalya and

Normally I wouldn’t be concerned about the veracity of a story told by a bishop but this story, told by Bishop William Oden to a group I was with in Baton Rouge and New Orleans last week, might bear a bit of skepticism. I repeat it here with this disclaimer. You be the judge.

A recruit from out of state joined the New Orleans police department. He was called to deal with a dead horse at the intersection of Atchafalaya and Tchoupitoulas. He started his report. But his spelling didn’t go well. He needed this job and wanted to do it right. So he tore up the report form and started again. But after several attempts he was pretty frustrated. Finally, he found a solution. He dragged the horse to the corner of First and Main and wrote the report from there.

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