Organize, organize, organize

Jo Guldi blogs on Sollicitudo Rei Solialis
that the road to social justice is by way of organizing the voices that are
calling for change today.

Social justice will be achieved through organizing individual efforts, passions and strategies, says Jo Guldi, Communications Director for CrossLeft, a strategy clearing-house for grassroots activism among Progressive Christians. She offers this viewpoint in the post The Hungry Multitude in the Age of Mass Culture on Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, a blog that describes itself as joyfully proclaiming “moderate, left of center and nonpartisan social and political principles from the perspective of Roman Cahholic social thought.”

Guldi’s thoughts are intriguing. Organizing activists is equivalent to herding cats. But Guldi says if individuals really want to create healthy change, collaborating with others is necessary today.

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