Media Wrap-up

I have written on the media research we’ve
been doing and conclude those notes with this post.

We’re information rich but understanding poor. We have multiple devices to connect us with others but feel disconnected. Some of us talk about globalization but most of us have no interest in what’s happening on the other side of the globe.

That’s some of the learning from research we’ve been doing to better understand our audiences at United Methodist Communications. With this post, I’ll wrap-up that learning. I”m still interested in hearing from you about your views on media and how you use the various media available to us today. And most importantly, I’m interested in how media affects lifestyle and beliefs.

We’ve learned that the generations use media very differently. For the next few years we’ll need to be serving people who grew up in a print environment and also adapting to people who are maturing in an electronic and digital environment. Their use of media is completely different.

We’ve learned that the glut of information hasn’t necessarily made us better informed. It’s frustrated us because we feel burdened with too much information, some of it about things we’re not interested in. It’s going to be more difficult to get messages through the clutter because we’ve developed the capacity to tune out those messages that are irrelevant to our personal concerns.

We’ve also developed into a more skeptical, if not cynical, people. We’re no longer trusting of messages. We receive them with a dose of skepticism that means the product or service must to prove itself by living up to its claims. We’ve heard enough, now prove it. This reflects a desire for authenticity.

Finally, we want to be heard. If those who send messages, provide services, sell products, listen to what we want and need, we’ll respond. If not, there are enough choices that we’ll turn to others for the product or service. In short, we want dialogue, we don’t want the old one-way communication of the past.

These are fascinating changes. The new communications devices are creating different ways of interacting and different understandings of our relationships and our view of the world.

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