Health Care in the U.S.

The General Board of Church and Society
offers a way to state your concern about health care in the

As the number of uninsured in the U.S. climbs, it raises the question about how we care for the health of all the people. The prescription drug crisis has already demonstrated that the system is broken and needs fundamental overhaul. In its e-newsletter “Faith in Action,” the General Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church offers information about HR 676, the “United States National Health Insurance Act,” which would convert the U.S. system to a non-profit health care delivery system.

Obviously, the debate about our current system will continue. I’m concerned that the church has spoken but not acted decisively to protect the poor and the uninsured by supporting basic systemic changes. This is curious because it was the churches at the turn of the last century, and in some cases even earlier, that created the hospitals that have become major medical centers in this nation. The church acted decisively and compassionately to fulfill justice for all.

Today we seem to be caught up in the complexities of the system to the degree that our voice has not been heard proposing solutions. It’s a tough, tough issue, but by not expressing a voice, we become another of the victims of a broken system, and we fail those who are truly being victimized, the poor who are suffering from the loss of prescription drug benefits and who will suffer from the loss of care as result of the inhumane budget cuts just passed by the Congress and Senate.

The GBCS links to the Library of Congress for further information and tracking.

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