Eradicating Extreme Poverty

The National Council of Churches has
released a new study guide about eradicating extreme poverty.

Ours is the
first generation
in the history
of the world
with the ability
eradicate extreme
poverty. We have
the means, the
resources and the
know-how. All
we lack is
the will.
–Dr. Jeffrey Sachs

In the belief that a growing number of people from many religious traditions and many other people of goodwill are committed to ending the most extreme conditions of poverty, the National Council of Churches in the U.S. has released a guide for use by congregations to study the issues worldwide that keep people in poverty and suggest ways to end them.

The guide incorporates the Millennium Development Goals which provide measurable markers within a timeline that, if world leaders and other committed persons take seriously, could lead to the elimination of the most extreme poverty by 2015.

In announcing the guide, the NCC says there is no doubt that “Jesus would be appalled by
poverty this extreme, and by Christians who are indifferent to it.”

Here is the information about ordering the guide:
Eradicating Global Poverty:
A Christian Study Guide on the Millennium Development Goals

61 pages
Order by e-mail at
Friendship Press
7830 Reading Road
Cincinnati, OH 45237
$7.95. Order toll-free, 800-889-5733
or fax, 513-761-3722

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