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In a note today Christine Gorman, senior
writer at TIME, remarks that today is the first month of publishing for the Time
Global Health blog.

In a note, Christine Gorman, senior writer at TIME, remarks that today is the first month of publishing for the TIME Global Health blog.

Christine writes that the TIME Summit on Global Health, which gave impetus to the blog, was a career highlight. I understand her enthusiasm. I also found the Summit energizing and extremely helpful in providing me with focus about significant health concerns around the globe.

One of the key influences I took away from the Summit is a belief that the problems many of us are concerned about–the debilitating effects of poverty and inadequate health care–are not beyond our abilities to resolve. I’ve written in this blog of my appreciation for the remarks of some of the world-class leaders who spoke at the Summit. To hear people such as Bill Gates, former Pres. Bill Clinton, Bono, Dr. Paul Farmer and Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, among a host of others, speak about what is possible was exciting and provocative.

In addition, presentations by a long list of grass-roots heroes who are not well-known but whose work is truly life-changing, was powerfully motivating. They are showing us the way. I need that kind of motivation from time-to-time.

Christine recently updated the work of Andrea Coleman of Riders for Health, a favorite of mine because I’m a rider myself.

We live in a time of remarkable opportunity. The convergence of the resources, commitment and knowledge of global leaders such as Gates, Clinton and Bono, plus the solid work of people on the ground delivering services, plus the technical expertise of Dr. Farmer and Dr. Sachs and many others, provides us with a web of resources that is rare. It’s a time of unusual potential, I believe.

And what makes it more exciting is that the dream of significantly reducing malaria, for example, is not a pipe dream. It’s a dream with a fighting chance, given the commitment of all these remarkable people.

In the face of so much that is crushingly destructive in the world, I’m thankful for those voices who remind us that as bad as things can get, we need not give in, or give up. They are saying, “It doesn’t have to be this way.” I take great hope in that, and I work believing in this perspective.

I’m grateful for the boost of energy and hope the Summit provided. Moreover, I’m glad there are people who are plunging into the realities that confront us, tackling the problems that deny some of us the ability to claim the fullness of our destiny, which I believe is a God-given right.

So, if you haven’t stopped by the TIME Global Health blog, it’s worth a visit. Might make you feel better, too.

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