A First-Person Account of Intimidation in the Philippines

Father Rolando de Leon is a parish priest
who is actively working with poor people in central Luzon District. He received
a death threat in October, 2005 and recounts how the threat was made through the
offering during congregational worship.

This podcast is a first-person account by Father Rolando de Leon, a parish priest who is working with the poor in Central Luzon District in the Philippines. He works with indigenous peoples, informal settlers (homeless people known as “squatters”), workers and fisherfolk. He received a death threat four days after a co-worker was killed in his province. He is the spokesperson for a human rights group. The people in his area have experienced many human rights abuses in addition to the murder of his co-worker. His death threat was chilling–letters and bullets left in the offering plate during worship one Sunday morning. I met Fr. de Leon in Manila on January 4, 2006.

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