The Holy Yes

Natalie Goldberg writes that our lives are
important and the details of our lives make a difference. Saying yes to this is
the task of the writer. This “yes” is holy, writes Goldberg.

Natalie Goldberg says in Writing Down the Bones, that “our lives are at once ordinary and mythical.” She reminds us that it’s important that the details of our lives are known. Every life is important. Every person matters.

The biblical witness is that life is sacred. Each life. When we deny this we lose a bit more of our understanding of who we are and of the value of our lives. To diminish life is to say no to the sacredness with which, in the handwork of God’s creation, we are blessed.

It seems to me that the great challenge we face in a culture that demeans and diminishes the sacredness of life, a common theme in U.S. culture, is the challenge of remembering our humanity; recalling that everyone matters, no person is unimportant.

As I reflect on the murder of human rights workers and clergy in the Philippines, people who sought to remind the world that all are important, especially the poor who are overlooked and relegated to the margins of society, we need to recall this message and say yes. Yes to life.

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