Sweet As Pie

A few months ago the staff of UMTV produced
a news story on the pie-making of the women of the First United Methodist Church
of Gauthier, Mississippi. The women were recently featured on The Early Show on
CBS in a segment entitled “As Sweet as Pie.”

In May the staff of UMTV (United Methodist Television) produced a news story on the women of First United Methodist Church, Gauthier, Mississippi who bake pies and sell them to fund mission and ministry. They have raised over $50,000 in the past ten years.

The ladies say they can’t end world hunger, but they can help someone who needs assistance for eyeglasses or needs help paying their gas bill. Every dollar they’ve earned, they’ve given away. They’ve helped support a soup kitchen and the church’s food bank.

But Hurricane Katrina put a stop to their baking as Gauthier was hit hard and many of the pie-bakers lost their homes or sustained severe damage.

The Early Show invited Helen Lindsay and Martha Peterson to New York with their pastor, The Rev. Ron Stanley, ostensibly to honor Rev. Stanley who has done much in the aftermath of the storm.

However, there was a bit of sleight of hand in the invitation as the video segment reveals.

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