Hopefully, Perspectives is back on-line

This blog was down for a portion of Friday.
Hopefully, it’s back on-line.
Revised Nov. 20, 2005

When I’m traveling and this blog goes down, it’s one of the more frustrating problems I experience with technology. I have a very limited technological capacity, and even more limited patience with technology that doesn’t work. I’m traveling and the blog went down. A reader wrote to tell me about it, which is the best way for me to discover a problem with the blog. So, I hope it’s back. My thanks to Jim for writing.

James Lane has combined his two commentaries on the Judicial Council ruling into one. You can find the commentary in this new link.

I mistakenly attributed the title “The Rev.” to Jim. In fact, he has long been a leading layperson in the church, having served on successive delegations to General Conference, on the General Commission on Communications and in numerous other leadership positions. My apologies to Jim and to readers for this error.

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