QVC Community

The home shopping network has endured for
years and continues to move products through the pipeline. Alex Kuczynski asked
why and tuned in to QVC to understand why. The assessment is an interesting
commentary on the use of media to create a sense of community while in reality
separating one from authentic, face-to-face community.

Home shopping networks create the illusion of community through friendly banter while the reality is much darker according to Alex Kuczynski writing in the New York Times.

While they watch and participate in the buying transaction the viewers are actually removed from the face-to-face interaction that embodies authentic community.

I believe this is the great challenge that we are presented by electronic and digital media today. Some forms of media create an illusion of community but in reality they undermine community. We must use media to extend and enhance community, not replace community with media.

Kuczynski’s article gets at some of this dynamic.

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