BBC and Liberian Election Coverage

The BBC is providing e-mail access to four
villagers in Liberia to ask questions about the upcoming election there. It’s a
unique way for the news organization to make the connection between people
across the globe.

The BBC is providing people from outside Liberia e-mail access to four villagers in Liberia to ask about the upcoming elections there. This form of dialogue is unique. It allows individuals concerned about Liberia to get on-the-street reactions from people who have been directly affected by the fighting that has disrupted the country for several years.

There are several benefits to this kind of information exchange made possible by a major media outlet. It brings together people in more direct contact that they would have otherwise. It also advances points of view that might not otherwise be heard. It gives those of us outside the country a window from the the ground-level. And it gives the Liberians a global audience with whom to share their perspectives.

All-in-all, it’s a helpful way to encourage greater understanding and to let Liberians know that the world is watching what’s happening in their country.

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